Transform the way you serve customers with Self-Ordering Kiosks

Reduce order mix-ups and long wait times in your restaurant. OneHub Self-Ordering Kiosks is designed to transform the way you serve customers, streamline operations, and boost revenue.
Centralize menu control
Real-time product updates
Fine-tuned inventory control like menu combos, offers
Real-time insightful analytics
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Fully integrated and seamlessly compatibile with various POS setups, ensuring a hassle-free transition and unified operations across all locations.
Intuitive backend interface for real-time menu modifications, empowering restaurant owners to adapt swiftly to market demands and customer preferences.
Detailed analytics and reporting functionalities, offering actionable data that aids in optimizing menus, creating effective marketing strategies, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Seamless Order-to-Pay, Effortless Operations

Customizable Menus
Update and modify offerings instantly across all locations with our intuitive backend interface.
POS Integration
Our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing Point of Sale system, ensuring smooth order processing and payment handling.
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Boost Sales and Enhance Customer Experience

Intelligent Upselling
Increase order values with smart prompts suggesting additional items or upgrades.
Order Customization
Allow customers to personalize their orders effortlessly, catering to their unique preferences.
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Actionable Insights for Decision-Making

Comprehensive Analytics
Gain invaluable insights into sales trends, peak hours, and popular items to optimize your menu and marketing strategies.
Remote Monitoring
Monitor kiosk performance, manage content, and troubleshoot issues across all locations from a centralized dashboard.
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Customer-Centric Approach

User-Friendly Interface
Ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for customers of all technical abilities.
Multiple Payment Options
Accommodate various payment preferences, including credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, cash, and gift cards.
Robust Security
Prioritize data encryption and compliance with industry standards to safeguard customer information.
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Modern Menu Management Software, Built For You
Control and update menus seamlessly across all franchises from one Cloud dashboard.
Unified Control
Ensure consistent branding while adapting menus to local preferences.
Streamlined Updates
Instantly implement changes across all platforms and locations.
Single Dashboard
Manage and customize menus for all franchises from a centralized dashboard.
Real-Time Updates, Real-Time Success
Make instantaneous changes. Experience immediate menu updates reflected across every franchise location in real-time.
Cloud Synchronization
Ensure consistency with instantaneous updates across POS, website, and in-house displays.
Responsive Changes
Adapt to market demands swiftly with synchronized, instant menu alterations.
Seamless Integration
Sync menu changes effortlessly without disrupting operations.
Fine-Tuned Permissions & Access Controls
Assign specific menu management rights to different staff or managers across franchises securely.
Role-based Access
Control menu modification permissions based on designated roles within the organization.
Secure Protocols
Safeguard menus with personalized access levels to prevent unauthorized changes.
Controlled Modifications
Ensure accuracy and security with controlled access to menu editing tools.
Insights That Drive Success
Gain deep insights into menu performance at each franchise for data-driven decision-making.
Comprehensive Analytics
Access detailed item performance data across franchises for strategic decisions.
Sales Optimization
Identify top-selling items and trends to fine-tune menus and boost revenue.
Performance Metrics
Track menu item success rates to refine offerings and enhance customer experience.
Scalability & Brand Integrity
Ensure effortless growth. Scale your franchise network seamlessly while preserving individual brand identity and consistency.
Flexible Customization
Adapt menus to local tastes while upholding brand integrity across all locations.
Expand Without Compromise
Grow your franchise network confidently, knowing menus maintain uniformity.
Consistent Branding
Ensure a cohesive brand image with customizable menus that align with your brand's identity.

Self-ordering Kiosk software with extensive features

One-stop solution for customizing and managing your restaurants.
Centralized management for multiple stores
Kitchen display systems (KDS)
Inventory management
Payment processing & cash management
Integrations with all systems
Customization and white-label POS
Reports &
24/7 reliable customer support

Hardware Solutions to Choose From

One time buy, starting at $950. Select from our list of compatible devices, to not only reduce costs on hardware purchases but also simplify shipping and installation. Let OneHubPOS handle the logistics – we'll drop-ship your complete solution right to your doorstep.



Self-ordering Kiosks

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Reduce wait time, improve order accuracy and provide an outstanding customer experience with our Self-Ordering Kiosks

Connect seamlessly with your current POS system ensuring smooth orders processing.
Let customers easily customize their orders, meeting their preferences hassle-free.
Provide a seamless customer experience with its easy-to-use interface.
Get in-depth insights into sales trends, popular items, and more.

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