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Ready to transform your restaurant's operations? Our tested and validated hardware solutions, meticulously crafted for compatibility with OneHubPOS software, guarantee an elevated customer experience and optimized efficiency.

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OneHubPOS collaborates with OEMs, resellers, and industry consultants to deliver tailored hardware solutions. Our tested and dependable hardware seamlessly integrates with your existing software suite. Enjoy hassle-free delivery of fully pre-loaded solutions customised to your specifications.

Pax A800 + OneHub mPOS

Sleek and Modern Design
Elevate your business with the sleek and modern PAX A800 mPOS devices.
Secure and Versatile Payments
Conduct secure transactions with multiple payment options, including Chip & PIN, NFC contactless, and magnetic strip.
Efficient Integration
Integrate with payment providers & aggregators, starting at a minimal 2.3% per transaction.
Wireless Connectivity
Enjoy seamless connectivity with Wi-Fi, optional 4G, Bluetooth and Offline mode.
Battery Backup
Minimize interruptions caused by power outages with a robust battery backup, providing longer standby times for continuous operations.
Value-Added Applications
Explore new possibilities with value-added applications like loyalty programs and in-store product management.
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Pax A920 Pro + OneHub mPOS

Fast and Secure Processing
Equipped with super-fast processor, ensuring smooth operation of complex tasks with high-level payment security.
Efficient Multitasking
Handles multiple tasks simultaneously. It's perfect for handling table orders, payments, and loyalty programs seamlessly.
End to End Solution
Upgrade your business operations with a seamless, modern POS solution designed to enhance your overall workflow.
Flexible Payment Options
A920 Pro seamlessly works with various payment methods, giving your customers the freedom to pay the way they prefer. It's designed to make transactions easy and trouble-free.
Quick & Easy Scanning
It’s Auto-focus cameras enable faster barcode and QR code scanning.
Boost Engagement and Sales
It integrates with OneHubPOS’s range of marketing and analytics solutions to manage loyalty cards, meal vouchers, and more, making it easier to connect with customers and drive sales.
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PAX POS Terminal L1400 + OneHubPOS

Secure Access
Ensure secure and quick access using the fingerprint ID reader integrated into the power button, adding an extra layer of security to your operations.
Effortless Connectivity
Stay effortlessly connected with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0, enabling seamless communications.
Modern and Slim
Its slim design gives a glimpse into the future of efficient and stylish business operations, going beyond a regular POS system.
Simplify Operations
Streamline and control your business operations effortlessly with our all-in-one custom solution.
Sharp Imaging
Enable effortless operations using a 5MP auto-focus front camera, designed for delivering clear and crisp communications.  
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Pax A3700 + OneHub mPOS

Sleek Design
Enhance your business operations with Pax A3700, all in a sleek and compact design.
Seamless Transaction
Accepts card payments from any angle with dual-head magnetic stripe and dual-contact chip readers on both sides of the device.
Multi Payment Solution
Simplify transactions with versatile payment options – Chips & Pins, Magnetic Strip, Contactless, and QR code payments.
Seamless Connectivity
Stay connected anywhere with 4G support (compatible with 3G & 2G), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 5.0 for enhanced flexibility and convenience.
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Swan 1 Pro + OneHubPOS

Award-Winning Performance
Experience the elegance and speed of the Swan 1 Pro POS system, recognized for its agility and style.
Unmatched Speed
Equipped with an octa-core processor, enjoy lightning-fast performance for seamless transactions.
Advanced Android Technology
A sleek multi-touch screen with gesture support offers intuitive navigation.
Omni-channel Capabilities
Accept orders from various sales channels, ensuring a unified and efficient order management system.
Offline Functionality
Seamlessly manage inventory even without an internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted operations.
Peripheral Compatibility
Easily integrate with Label Printers and Barcode Scanners for enhanced functionality.
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KDS + OneHub KDS  

Durable and Resilient
The KDS system is oil and smoke resistant, ensuring longevity in a high-demand kitchen environment.
Efficient Order Management
Streamline order synchronization from POS and online stores to the kitchen for swift and accurate preparation.
Real-time Updates
Stay updated with live order statuses and customizable prioritization for optimized kitchen operations.
Seamless Integration
User-friendly interface with integration capabilities, ensuring ease of use for your kitchen staff.
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Crane 1 Kiosk + OneHub Kiosk

Versatile Self-Service Solution
Customize your kiosk with various configurations to suit your restaurant’s needs perfectly.
Effortless Ordering Experience
Simplify self-ordering, payment, and checkout processes for enhanced customer convenience.
Integrated Efficiency
Seamlessly connects with your store's POS & KDS systems, reducing operational costs and improving efficiency.
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Loomis SafePoint + OneHub Cash Management

Intuitive Interface
Simple and intuitive interface with integrated tutorials for easy setup and use.
Reliable Communication
Maximize uptime with consistent and reliable communication, along with keyless entry for added security.
Automated Cash Handling
Effortlessly manage cash from the register to the safe, minimizing risks associated with mishandling and theft.
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