Get Your Retail Business Running Effortlessly
with OneHub Retail

Automate Your Store

OneHub Retail provides a one-stop solution for your retail business, allowing you to save time and effort while still providing a seamless shopping experience for your patrons. Our automated solution allows you to say goodbye to manual processes and streamline your store operations.

Comprehensive Toolbox

OneHub Retail offers a comprehensive toolbox of features that allows you to manage your retail store efficiently and effectively. Our features include point of sale, inventory management, customer and loyalty programs, reporting, and more. Our features are designed to give you the tools you need to manage your store without the hassle of manual processes.

A Full Suite of Solutions that make running your Retail Easier

Online ordering
( E-shop)
Gift cards
Inventory App
Branded Consumer app
Pick list app
Delivery app

Hassle-Free Shopping

Our solution offers a hassle-free shopping experience for your patrons. We provide a seamless checkout process that allows for quick and efficient purchases. Our loyalty programs also help to ensure that your customers come back time and time again. With OneHub Retail, you can offer a seamless shopping experience that keeps your patrons coming back.

OneHub Retail POS

It empowers Grocery & Liquor business to work operate hassle free and supports barcode scanning functionality and allows the cashiers to operate with minimal efforts

Android Powered application with simple UI/ UX
Easy to use and operate without any hassle
It is an omni channel to accept orders from multiple sales channel
Works in offline mode also
Compatible with Label Printers and Barcode Scanners
Easy to manage Inventory and Stock for the store
Lotto & Scratchers Sales management

Online Ordering via E-Shop

OneHUB E-Shop is an advanced web app platform that enables you to take orders online. Whether you're looking to offer curbside or instore pickup, OneHUB E-Shop has you covered. You can easily set up delivery orders, manage pickup orders and even schedule specific times to deliver or pickup orders.

Ease of use and operation - no hassle required
Operates in offline mode as well - perfect for businesses without an online presence

Branded Consumer App

Our branded consumer app makes it easy to access the restaurant brands you know and love. Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, you can quickly search for your favorite restaurant brands, view their menus, and easily order food from the app. With our app, you can bring the restaurant experience to you.

Customizable Menus
Enhanced Loyality Program
One click payments