Grow Your Retail Business Effortlessly with Powerful Cloud POS

OneHubPOS is your one-stop retail solution designed to amplify efficiency, elevate customer experiences, and increase profitability. From real-time inventory management to payments and software integrations, manage all on a single dashboard.

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Affordable, Easy-to-Use Retail POS Software

Manage your Inventory Instantly

Seamlessly streamline order processes, centralized inventory, and real-time updates ensuring smooth operations.
Streamlined order management across multiple outlets with our cloud platform.
Stay on top of your inventory levels with real-time alerts, to ensure consistent stock availability.
Receive instant notifications when your inventory is running low.
Update items into your inventory by scanning with a barcode scanner, enabling instant additions or updates.

Easy Payment Options

Seamlessly integrate with various online payment options to improve customer satisfaction and ease in operations.
Secure and easy payment options through NFC, EMV, gift cards, and links make buying hassle-free.
Eliminate cash mismanagement, error and theft with OneHub cash management solution.
Handle payments securely with our trusted payment aggregators.
Don't change your setup. We can easily integrate with your existing partners. We have live integrations with:

Real-time Report on Sales, Store, and Inventory

Gain actionable insights into your business's performance, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive growth and success.
Get real-time reports into store, employee, and inventory level.
Quick access to template reports for streamlined monitoring.
Track business, store, and employee-level performance on the OneHubPOS Cloud dashboard.

Maximize Efficiency and Control

Optimize your retail operations and unify store management under one login.
Activate e-Loyalty program with an intuitive dashboard for owners and administrators.
Manage taxes, edit product images, and update descriptions - all in one place.
From streamlined product management to payment control, OneHubPOS streamlines operations, boosts efficiency, and ensures superior customer experience.
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POS Software with Extensive Features

One-stop solution for customizing and managing your retail business.
Loyalty & Rewards
Centralized management for multiple stores
Menu Management
Inventory management
Delivery & Routes
Payment processing & cash management
Integrations with all systems
Customization and white-label POS
Reports &
24/7 reliable customer support

Hardware Solutions to Choose From

One time buy, starting at $950. Select from our list of compatible devices, to not only reduce costs on hardware purchases but also simplify shipping and installation. Let OneHubPOS handle the logistics – we'll drop-ship your complete solution right to your doorstep.



Self-ordering Kiosks

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Run your retail stores efficiently with our modern POS solution

Manage multiple stores, inventory, and order-to-pay workflows from a single, intuitive dashboard.
Provide multiple payment options to ensure seamless transactions.
Track sales, products, inventory, and employee performance across all your stores.
24/7 customer support, ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

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