OneHub’s mission is to provide modern tools to restaurateurs and retailers to compete in today's digital age

Our vision is to create the most innovative and customer-centric POS solution in the market.

About Us

Satheesh Kanchi is the Founder and CEO of OneHubPOS, He is the restaurateur behind several popular Indian restaurants in California and India. He started his career as a technology CEO, bringing that same level and learnings innovation and drive to the restaurant industry. He is constantly looking for new ways to improve the customer experience, and he is continually exploring new technologies that can help him do so.


Our world-class OneHUb team boasts highly experienced tech professionals who have extensive know-how in successfully deploying complex software solutions.

Satheesh Kanchi
Founder & CEO
Kiran Nadamchetty
Santhosh Subramaniyan
Murali Nori
DevOps ManagerIT
Roopak Chadha
Sales & Marketing Head
Chanakya Arigala
React Developer
Padma Srimanthula
HR Manager
Chandan Revuri
Net Developer