Simplify Daily Tasks, Reduce Ops Costs, Increase Your Profits

OneHubPOS, a simple and affordable POS software to manage orders, payments, inventory and loyalty programs - all on a single platform. The best part? It integrates seamlessly with your existing hardware, so you can leverage your current setup.

Centralized management

Single dashboard to manage all your sales, inventory, deliveries, tracking and more. You can also manage all your stores on this dashboard.

Flawless order-to-pay workflow

OneHubPOS never fails to get your orders to the kitchen. Rely on us to have zero errors in order management.

Get 3 month of POS at $1

We believe the best solutions should be available to everyone. That’s why we are affordable for everyone, starting at just $1 for a POS.

Modern Solution. Seamless Integrations. Smoother Operations.

Experience modern restaurant management software with OneHubPOS. From menu management to payments, we make sure all systems are unified and work for you.

A single dashboard to manage your business

Effortlessly manage your business from anywhere with our cloud platform.
Manage inventory, update menus, and manage multiple business all at once
Work from an easy to use, simple to set up dashboard for owners and administrators.
Get Started at $1

Secure Payments, Transparent Billing

Give your customers the best service from order to pay.
Accept secure payment options through EMV and NFC technology.
Don't get blindsided by additional transaction fees or markups at the end of each month, we assure you no hidden pricing.
Seamlessly integrate with multiple payment partners, or your preferred.
Don't change your setup. We can easily integrate with your existing partners. We have live integrations with:
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Update menu & orders lightning fast

Stay in control of your business – we make it easy to manage orders, bulk upload menus, update pricing on cloud dashboard.
Review taxes, edit images and descriptions, all in one place.
With smart OneHubPOS system, orders are now processed error-free, and on time.
Take advantage of our built-in integration with delivery and marketplace apps like:

Data Insights & Performance Analysis

Track sales, products, inventory, and employee performance across all your stores.
Access store-level, admin-level and employee-level reporting.
Identify bottlenecks with business analytics features to drive growth.

Seamless Hardware Integration

Supports any android hardware, seamlessly.
Invest in hardware once to eliminate recurring costs.
We provide hassle-free fully loaded and customized hardware drop shipped to you.
We have also partnered with PAX, iMin, Posiflex, Star Micronics, and Loomis SafePoint to give you a complete solution.
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Run your POS Terminal at Just $1

OneHubPOS is offering a limited time offer of just $1 for POS software. Our goal is to elevate restaurant operations for everyone. If your current system is constraining your business and its potential, it's high time we had a chat!

Pay only $1 for the first 3 months
Subscribe up to 5 modules (Does not include White label & Customization module)
One-time $1999 hardware buy
24/7 phone and chat support
Get Started for $1

Boost Sales, Not Expenses. Click & claim your $1 POS today for the first 3-months!

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Don’t Overpay. Get the POS Power You Need, Affordably

Lower processing fee = cost savings, increased profit margins, and competitive advantage. Businesses benefit from reduced expenses, improved profitability, and trust in transparent pricing structures, fostering long-term relationships.

Starting from $1

Supports Android
Lowest transaction fee starting at 2.3% + 10 cents
Extensive reporting
Order, Menu and 
Inventory management
24/7 support

Starting from $0

Supports Android & iOS
Transaction fee starting at 2.99% + 15 cents
Basic reporting
Inventory management
Installation support

Starting from $0

Supports Android & iOS
Transaction fee starting at 2.9% + 30 cents
Basic reporting
Inventory management
Phone support

Starting from $99

Supports iOS
Not Available

Extensive reporting
Inventory Management
24/7 support

OneHubPOS Modules

Point of Sale (POS)

Kiosk Management


Online Store (E-shop)

Loyalty & Rewards


Kitchen Display System (KDS) & Back-End  Operations

Centralized Cloud Dashboard

Centralized Reporting

Consumer & Delivery Apps

Delivery & Shipping Logistics

Cash Management

White Label & Customization

Integrations (Payments & Third-Party  Apps)

Get Started for $1

Let’s Get Started

Explore our feature-packed, POS system designed to elevate your daily operations, starting at an unbeatable price.
Intuitive interface and easy setup ensure a hassle-free start, no tech expertise needed.
Access your business data anytime, anywhere with our cloud-based dashboard.
Our dedicated support team is ready to assist with any questions you may have.
Enjoy all features for just $1 with clear pricing & no hidden fees. Sign up today!

All-in-One POS You Need, Starting at $1

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Qualifies for OneHubPOS's $1 POS Offer?

Discover if your restaurant business is eligible for OneHubPOS's exclusive $1 POS offer. Whether you operate a full-service restaurant, a quick-service establishment, a cozy café, a food truck, a chain of eateries, or even a cloud kitchen, we offer a complete restaurant management solution with hardware tailored to meet your needs.

Understanding Restaurant POS Software

What exactly is restaurant POS software? This essential tool empowers you to efficiently manage various tasks within your restaurant operations, from order processing to payment handling, inventory management, and reporting. Simplify your operations, cut down on excessive operations cost and foster effective communication among your staff with our intuitive software solution.

Discover the Ultimate Restaurant POS and Inventory Software

Wondering what the best restaurant POS and inventory software is for your business? Look no further than OneHubPOS. Our robust suite of tools seamlessly connects all facets of your restaurant operations. Explore tailored solutions designed to optimize your business processes. [Link to Best Software Solutions Page for Small Businesses]

Affordable Monthly Payments

Curious about the cost? Pay just $1 per month for the next three months and gain access to our comprehensive POS service. Our pricing caters to businesses of all sizes. Should you require additional features, consider upgrading your plan. Explore our pricing details for more information.

Rapid POS System Setup

Concerned about setup time? Fear not. With OneHubPOS, enjoy quick and easy setup, with most systems operational within days. Need extra support? Our sales team is here to provide one-on-one assistance and seamless integration.

Seamless Billing and Subscription Model

What happens after the offer expires? Billing continues seamlessly under our subscription model. Enjoy transparent pricing with no contracts or hidden fees. Upgrade your plan effortlessly to meet your evolving needs. Contact Sales to upgrade.

Diverse Payment Method Support

What payment methods do we support? OneHubPOS offers multiple options, including cards, EMV & NFC technology, gift cards, e-loyalty programs, and mobile wallets. Ensure a smooth and reliable transaction experience for your customers.

Comprehensive POS Integrations

What POS integrations are available? OneHubPOS is your all-in-one POS solution, compatible with various systems. We seamlessly work with other Android hardwares from KDS, Kiosks to scanners and printers. We also offer hardware bundles to set up and get started. From online ordering (E-shop) for streamlined delivery services to a Kitchen Display System for improved communication between front-of-house and kitchen staff, our platform has you covered.

Embrace Cloud-Based Flexibility

Why opt for a Android cloud-based POS system? Gain the flexibility to oversee and control your business operations from any location. Manage sales, inventory, customize menus and orders, and more, with unparalleled convenience.

Ongoing Enhancements and Support

What support can you expect? With OneHubPOS, count on continuous enhancements to ensure smooth and secure operations. Benefit from the latest features and security enhancements, keeping your restaurant ahead of the curve.

Flexible Plan Changes and Support Options

Can you change your plan? Absolutely. Enjoy flexible upgrades to accommodate your growing needs. Contact our sales team to explore options and seamlessly switch plans whenever required. Plus, comprehensive training and ongoing support ensure your staff is equipped to maximize the potential of our POS system, with 24/7 assistance available for any queries or issues.