Maximize Profits with Diverse & Secure Payment Solutions

Restaurants need lots of payment choices! Think cards, mobile pay, QR codes and other ways to pay. Make it easy for customers and accelerate your restaurant growth. More options keep customers happy and enable swift checkout and error-less order management.
Centralize menu control
Real-time product updates
Fine-tuned inventory control like menu combos, offers
Real-time insightful analytics
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Our solutions are designed specifically for the dynamic needs of restaurants, ensuring seamless integration and intuitive use.
Our dedicated support team is always at your service, providing comprehensive assistance to ensure smooth operations round the clock.
Say goodbye to exorbitant fees. Our transparent pricing structures and competitive rates ensure you maximize profits without compromising on quality.

Streamline Operations and Elevate Transactions

Integrated POS Systems
Simplify your operations with our intuitive and robust OneHubPOS Point-of-Sale systems. Seamlessly manage orders, payments, and inventory in one place, boosting efficiency across your establishment.
Trusted Payment Solutions Partners
Elevate your business with secure and seamless payment processing, ensuring a smooth transaction experience for your customers.
Our payment solutions partners include

Secure Options, Seamless Transactions

Embrace the Future of Payments
From traditional card transactions to contactless payments, we empower you to cater to diverse customer preferences effortlessly.
Multiple Payment Options
We provide secure payment options through cards, QR codes & links, NFC, gift cards, e-loyalty and mobile wallets, ensuring a smooth and reliable transaction experience for your customers.
Automate Cash Management
Our smart cash management solution not only automates the entire order to pay cash process but also reduces the risk of theft or errors associated with manual cash handling.
Know more about Loomis SafePoint integration

Boost Revenue and Enhance Customer Experience

Customer Experience
Allow customers to explore your menu, place orders, and make payments directly through your website or mobile app for a seamless and convenient experience.
E-loyalty Program
Elevate customer engagement by providing consistent rewards and exclusive benefits that keep them coming back for more.

Safeguarding Customer Data

Security Assurance
Ensure secure transactions with our advanced security measures and compliance standards.
Customer Data Protection
Our robust security solution ensures the utmost safety for sensitive information, maintaining trust in your business.

Real-time Insights for Smart Decision Making

Real-time Analytics
Gain powerful insights into your restaurant's performance through a single dashboard.
Smarter Decision Making
Get detailed analytics and reporting tools to understand sales trends, customer behavior, and menu performance, enabling smarter business decisions.

Build Customer Loyalty with Tailored Programs

Customer Loyalty Solution
Boost loyalty and repeat business through tailored e-loyalty program and gift cards, enhancing customer retention and satisfaction.
Ease of Use
Make e-loyalty setup a breeze by streamlining the process, needing just a mobile number for an effortless user experience.

Secure & Cost-effective Payment Solution for Your Restaurant

Diverse Payment Options
Security Measures
Integration and Compatibility
Analytics and Reporting Tools
Ease of Use
Scalability and Flexibility
Reliable Customer Support

Know what you are paying, before you pay

With OneHubPOS, you only pay for what you process. No hidden fees, no surprises, just transparent pricing that fits your needs.

In Person Payments

Processing Fee

Starts from 2.3% + 10 cents

per transaction
Take payments easily wherever you do business! Transactions are seamlessly processed in-person at the time of sale, whether through contactless payments, EMV dip, or card swiping.

Online Payments

Processing Fee

Starts from 2.9% + 30 cents

per transaction
Improve customer convenience with seamless payments. No need to be physically present during the sale; just input the card details into a card reader for smooth transactions. Use online payments, e-invoicing, and third-party payment providers & aggregators for various transaction channels.

Hardware Solutions to Choose From

One time buy, starting at $950. Select from our list of compatible devices, to not only reduce costs on hardware purchases but also simplify shipping and installation. Let OneHubPOS handle the logistics – we'll drop-ship your complete solution right to your doorstep.



Self-ordering Kiosks

Discover hardware options

Your gateway to flexible payments, smooth operations, and outstanding customer experience with OneHub Secure Payment Solutions

Make customers happy by offering easy ways to pay, ensuring instant checkout and stress-free order handling.
Manage orders, payments, and inventory all in one place, boosting overall efficiency.
Whether it's traditional payments or the new contactless methods, we've got you covered.
Make customers feel special with personalized e-loyalty programs and gift cards.
Upgrade it for just $1 and enjoy three months of seamless operations.

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