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Simple & Modern POS Solutions

Improve your profit margin with OneHubPOS all-in-one andriod POS solution.

Complete order-to-pay in 3 simple steps from choosing product to secure transactions.

Invest in durable, scalable hardware that integrates with any android POS software.

Be in total control of your restaurant and retail stores with complete access.

Built to Level Up Your Day-to-Day Operations

From simplifying sales transactions to delivery and providing comprehensive reporting, our POS solution is designed to drive efficiency, enhance customer experience, and improve your profitability.


Full-service restaurants
Quick service restaurants
Ghost Kitchens
Cloud Kitchens
Food trucks


Grocery chains
Liquor stores

Centralized Control of Your Operations

Powerful single login to the Cloud for admins to manage daily operations and reports from anywhere.

Simple UI and easy setup
Customizable store-level setup
Single login for multiple stores and devices

Achieve Customer Excellence in Restaurant Sales

We will be your partners in running your business, from sales to payments.

Online ordering (E-shop)
Delivery and Curbside pick up
Inventory management
Consumer online ordering app
Kitchen display system
e-Loyalty & Rewards app
Updated invoicing & secure payments

Redefine Retail Efficiency

We’ve got you covered from inventory to payments. Run your retail stores efficiently with modern POS solutions.

Inventory management
POS and mPOS software
Self-serve Kiosks
Updated invoicing & secure payments
Delivery and Curbside pick up
Consumer online ordering app
e-Loyalty & Rewards app

End-to-end Solution with Customization

Don't limit to generic systems; let's build a solution tailor-fit for you.

Enjoy the flexibility of customization, ensuring that every aspect of the system caters specifically to your operational needs.
Our system seamlessly integrates with your existing processes and applications, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your operations.
Iterative feedback sessions ensure that every customization meets and exceeds your expectations.
Seamless implementation of the customized solution, accompanied by comprehensive training for your team.
Ensure a smooth transition and empower your staff to leverage the full potential of the tailored POS system.
Know more about customization and white-labelling

Redefine Retail Efficiency

We’ve got you covered from inventory to payments. Run your retail stores efficiently with modern POS solutions.

Hardware Solutions to Choose From

One time buy, starting at $950. Select from our list of compatible devices, to not only reduce costs on hardware purchases but also simplify shipping and installation. Let OneHubPOS handle the logistics – we'll drop-ship your complete solution right to your doorstep.



Self-ordering Kiosks

Discover hardware options