OneHubPOS for Pizzerias

Get ready to take on rush hours with ease. All-in-one modern POS software designed for QSR.
Omnichannel POS to unify and manage sales
KDS app and integrations to streamline order and prepare
Advanced features like menu customization, future ordering, analytics
Custom-first solution to run your business your way
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Add speed & efficiency to your Pizzeria operations with OneHubPOS

OneHubPOS serves as the cornerstone of seamless operations, enabling you to handle orders from anywhere.
Integrated with KitchenDisplay System (KDS) for synchronized task flow, enhancing order preparation efficiency.
24/7 customer service ensures continuous support and guidance.
Experience enhanced business efficiency with us.

Streamline inventory, menu, and order management within one dashboard

Manage front-of-house and be in control during peak times and rush hours.

Control orders from anywhere with self-serve kiosks, POS stations, handheld POS, and QR menus.
Customize orders based on customer preference, including toppings, crust types, and sizes, with just a few taps.
Manage menu, combos, pricing, and availability in real-time from the admin dashboard.
Offer secure payment options including cards, QR payments and check splitting to make the buying process simple and hassle-free.
Unify all sales transactions from dine in, delivery, online, third party apps onto one dashboard.
Enhance customer experiences with personalized offers and gift points.
Streamline kitchen orders in real-time with KDS or Station printers. Take orders and send KOT to KOT Printers.
Order Management
Kiosk Management
Online Ordering
Secure Payments & Cash Management
Loyalty & Rewards
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Manage inventory, kitchen and last mile with us.

Supercharge back-of-house operations with OneHubPOS to reduce errors and loss of revenue.

Keep orders synced with a direct link between the front staff and not only kitchen, but also accounting, CRM, Rewards.
Keep your inventory updated with our FutureOrdering feature and never run out of stock.  
Our KDS app integrates with POS and other online ordering channels, pushes orders to the kitchen without fail.
Be in total visibility and control of your inventory and menu at all points of time. You can manage them – edit, add, update at any point from your Cloud dashboard.
Collect performance reports, in-depth insights on inventory, menu and employees every day to understand business performance and areas of improvement.
Inventory Management
Menu Management
Integrations with All Systems
Reports & Analytics
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Easy-to-use modern software with well-designed and durable hardware at affordable prices for your QSR

Look no further, OneHubPOS has got you!

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