OneHubPOS for Small Business Restaurants & Retail

Get ready to take on rush hours with ease. All-in-one modern POS software designed for QSR.
Modern POS to handle orders from anywhere
Cloud dashboard for centralized management
Secure payment options and cash management solution
Custom-first & affordable solution to run your business your way
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From sales processing and inventory management to customer engagement and reporting, our POS solution provides all the necessary tools to streamline operations and drive business growth.


With transparent pricing plans and no hidden fees, we believe every business should have access to the tools they need to succeed without straining their budget. Start at $50.

Reliability and Support

We ensure our systems are always up & running and easily managed with an intuitive cloud dashboard. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance, ensuring that you can rely on us to support your business.

Explore Feature-rich POS Solution for Your Small Business

Navigate common restaurant and retail management challenges in the back-office and front of house with OneHubPOS powerful solution suite.

Fast & Unified Sales Processing

With customizable features, user-friendly interfaces, and top-notch security, OneHubPOS is an indispensable partner for your business aiming to enhance operations and thrive in a dynamic market.
Central cloud POS dashboard
Cash register management
Order management
Menu management
Integrations withpayment gateway, KDS and online store
Swift and secure payments
Offline mode available

Monitor Inventory in Real-time

Tracking inventory in real-time and ensuring products are always available for sale can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Add OneHubPOS inventory management module to manage inventory smartly.
Monitor stock levels and receive alerts for low inventory.
Set up automated alerts for low stock levels or expiring ingredients.
Track ingredient usage to optimize purchasing and reduce waste.
Manage supplier information, track deliveries, and streamline the supply chain.

Delight your Customers, Every time

Effectively managing customers, improving retention, and enabling personalized interactions have become more challenging. OneHubPOS provides a solution by offering a platform for accessing valuable customer data, establishing customer profiles, and implementing loyalty programs.
Gain powerful insights into your restaurant's performance through a centralized dashboard.
Encourages repeat business and enhances retention through loyalty programs.
Get day-to-day reports of inventory, menu, and employees to understand business performance and areas of improvement.

Gain Insights to make Data-driven Decisions

Making informed decisions, identifying operational bottlenecks, and inventory management strategies with detailed reports and analytics for business profitability.
Analyze sales data, track trends, and identify top-selling items.
Identify bestselling products and enable future ordering.
Generate reports on key performance indicators, such as sales, labor costs, and inventory turnover.

OneHubPOS is hardware-agnostic

Want to change your POS software without the need to replace your hardware? You can talk to us.
OneHubPOS seamlessly integrates a wide range of hardware configurations that operate on Android.
Our team will work with you to make the integration process hassle-free and smooth.
We accommodate various hardware to cater to your specific business needs. Here are some of the hardware options:
Traditional POS
Interactive Displays
Scanners & Printers
Card machines
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Easy-to-use modern software with well-designed and durable hardware at affordable prices for your business

Look no further, OneHubPOS has got you!

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