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Top 7 Holiday Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Sahana Ananth
December 14, 2023
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It’s that time of the year when people go shopping, eat out, and exchange gifts. And guess what? It's a golden opportunity for your restaurant to shine with creative Christmas decorations and boost those holiday vibes (and your revenue)!

This article offers a curated list of restaurant holiday promotion ideas to help you stand out. We’ll help your restaurant capture the season's joy and create a delightful dining experience.  

Let’s begin!

Top Holiday Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Winter is here. And so is the festive season. As the year comes to an end, people are ready to celebrate. Encouraging them to dine out is easy. Let's explore some fun restaurant holiday promotion ideas to capitalize on seasonal festivities.

1. Push a Social Media Promotion Campaign  

Did you know nearly half of the people (48%) use social media to find places to eat and drink? With Christmas almost knocking on the door, you must prime your social media campaigns.

Here’s what you can do to get yourself on the top pages for a “Christmas-themed restaurant near me.”  

  • Update your profile cover photos and create visually appealing graphics reflecting the holiday mood.  
  • Showcase your menu items and highlight signature dishes, exclusive offerings, and seasonal specials.
  • Encourage customers to visit your restaurant for limited-time offers and deals.  
  • Make short, behind-the-scenes videos to promote your content and discounts.  
  • Using Christmas-themed hashtags can help you reach a wider audience and encourage user-generated content.

2. Take Holiday Reservations

Holiday reservations can accelerate restaurant operations. They also serve as valuable tools for targeted and personalized promotions. Not only does it help you manage the crowd, but it also allows customers to reserve tables in advance. It ensures they get a guaranteed spot even if the restaurant is busy.

Table reservations increase the chances of guests showing up, often coming in groups. Further, the necessity of pre-booking prompts customers to secure their reservations. (You can consider offering a 5% - 10% discount on table bookings to increase the excitement.)  

That is how it is a hit deal for customers. Now, how will it help you? Knowing the expected customers enables better staff scheduling and preparation. It will also prevent long queues outside your restaurant and ensure the tables are filled.

3. Make Your Menus Festive

A holiday menu is a must-have. It allows your customers to savor rate delights not easily found throughout the rest of the year. A unique menu drives direct reservations.  

Holiday-themed desserts and appetizers are a great place to start. For main courses, you can explore specialties featuring sweet potatoes, pumpkin, succulent prime rib, pasta, or roast turkey. And don’t forget the drinks. Add mulled wine, spiked eggnog, peppermint milkshake, and some mocktails.

While curating the holiday menu, don't overwhelm your diners with too many options. Crafting menus can be a time-consuming task. The good news is you don’t have to shoulder the entire burden. OneHubPOS's menu management feature can help you quickly roll out new menu combinations. You can control your restaurant inventory, out-of-stock updates, pricing, images, and dish descriptions on the go and manage orders.  

4. Deck up Your Restaurant With Christmas Decorations

Transforming your restaurant into a festive wonderland for the Christmas season is a simple yet effective way to create an inviting atmosphere. Christmas decorations can help set the mood, allowing customers to unwind and truly enjoy themselves.  

Start with candles or twinkle lights in the interior; you can not have too many. Place poinsettias or other seasonal plants near the entrance for a warm welcome. Wrap your table settings and standard centerpieces with holiday-themed place cards, tablecloths, and napkins. Add soft holiday music in the background to complete the look.

5. Explore new Takeout and Dining Options

Introducing innovative takeout and dining options can expand your offerings and cater to diverse preferences. For instance, you can offer Festive Takeout Packages that bundle various holiday dishes so families or friends can enjoy current flavors at home.  You can also implement self-service kiosks to provide customers with a seamless, contactless ordering option.

To ensure your orders run smoothly and fulfilling orders isn’t cumbersome, you can explore the Kitchen display systems (KDS) from OneHubPOS. It allows your kitchen staff to prioritize orders based on their preparation time. This will ensure that dishes are cooked and plated in the correct order.  

6. Hold an Exciting Holiday Contest

A well-organized holiday contest can boost brand visibility during the holiday season.

Say you hold a “Festive Flavor Fusion” and ask people to invent and document a mouth-watering holiday-themed dish. Later, you can ask them to submit their entries on your social media platform. The winner gets a private dining experience featuring a specially crafted menu inspired by their dish.

Such contests can encourage participants to share their achievements on social media platforms. People may engage with such posts by liking, commenting, and sharing, which will be a free promotion for your restaurant.

7. Host a Holiday Giveaway

Holiday giveaways are a clever strategy to add an extra dose of festive excitement. Customers can win prizes like a complimentary holiday feast for two, a gift basket filled with seasonal treats, or a VIP dining experience.

These giveaways create buzz, capture potential customers' attention, and spark interest among your existing clientele. The allure of freebies not only attracts guests but also instills a sense of goodwill and positive associations.  

However, ensure you have a quick and efficient system to manage the entries.  


As a restaurant owner, the holiday season is a time to seize the day and ensure a pleasant experience. However, the holidays bring challenges as your customers and staff are pulled in many directions. The biggest of these is attracting more customers.  

Hence, you must understand and determine solutions that facilitate recognition and appreciation to shine among customers. Introduce Christmas menu ideas for restaurants, use bounce-back offers, and preview New Year promotions to foster warmth and nostalgia.  

Most of all, use a customizable and user-friendly solution that helps you navigate the festive crowd with ease. Always remember that a good restaurant POS system can make a big difference in your bottom line. OneHubPOS is a modern, user-friendly POS software built to streamline all sales transactions and restaurant operations on a single dashboard.  

Explore OneHubPOS today if you’re ready to make the holidays your most profitable—and fun—time of the year.

Sahana Ananth
Director, GTM - OneHubPOS

Sahana is a seasoned GTM leader with a passion for building startups. She excels in crafting GTM strategies for tech products, driving revenue growth.

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