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Maximizing ROI Through Unified FOH and BOH Restaurant Operations

Sahana Ananth
November 6, 2023
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We all know that running a restaurant is no piece of cake. It's a whirlwind of flavors, hospitality, and precision timing. Whether you're an owner, manager, or staff member, you know that each day comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. But what if I told you there's a way to make your restaurant run like a well-oiled machine and significantly boost your return on investment (ROI)?  

Understanding FOH and BOH Operations  

Before we delve into the how, let's look at the what. FOH and BOH are like the yin and yang of your restaurant. FOH is the face of your establishment – where guests dine, interact with your servers, and savor your culinary creations. BOH, on the other hand, is where the kitchen magic happens, tucked away from the diners' view.  

The challenge? They often operate in silos, with minimal interaction between them. FOH has its own goals and pressures, while BOH deals with a completely different set of tasks and responsibilities.  

Understanding FOH and BOH Operations  

Front of the House (FOH): The Welcoming Face  

Picture this: FOH is like the charming host who greets you at the door of your favorite restaurant. They're the first impression, the smile that sets the tone for your dining experience. The FOH crew includes hosts, waitstaff, bartenders, and anyone you interact with as a diner.  


Ensuring prompt service while maintaining top-notch hospitality.  

Handling customer inquiries, orders, and special requests.  

Juggling multiple tables with grace and efficiency.  


Building strong rapport with diners and cultivating repeat business.  

Enhancing the overall dining experience through personalized service.  

Boosting sales through upselling and excellent customer care.  

Back of the House (BOH): The Culinary Wizards  

Now, let's journey into the BOH, which is essentially the heart and soul of any restaurant. This is where the culinary magic happens – chefs, line cooks, dishwashers, and prep cooks are all the unsung heroes working behind the scenes.  


Maintaining kitchen efficiency during peak hours.  

Accurate food preparation and timely delivery.  

Inventory management, deliveries, waste reduction, and consistent quality.  


Creating mouthwatering dishes that keep customers coming back.  

Minimizing food waste and optimizing ingredient usage.  

Streamlining kitchen processes to improve service speed and quality.  

The Unity Challenge: FOH and BOH Collaboration  

The real challenge? These two crucial areas often operate in isolation. FOH and BOH might as well speak different languages, and that disconnect can lead to a host of issues, from order errors and longer wait times to inefficient kitchen operations.  

But don't worry because the unity of FOH and BOH is where the real opportunity lies. By aligning their goals and harmonizing their efforts, you can create a restaurant experience that's not just good but outstanding. It's like a symphony where the FOH and BOH are in perfect sync and the result? Well, that's your recipe for success.  

Streamlining FOH and BOH Operations with OneHubPOS  

We've all seen restaurants where the FOH and BOH seem to operate on entirely different planets. It's like a symphony with two conductors, each with a music sheet. But guess what? We've got the conductor's baton, OneHubPOS – your ticket to harmonizing your FOH and BOH operations.  

OneHubPOS: Your Restaurant's Maestro  

Imagine OneHubPOS as the all-in-one conductor who ensures that the FOH and BOH are reading from the same music sheet. We've crafted this solution to be your comprehensive restaurant management system, designed to tackle the specific challenges faced by your Front of the House (FOH) and Back of the House (BOH) teams. Let's take a closer look at how OneHubPOS can transform your restaurant operations:  

Unified Interface for FOH Staff

Say goodbye to the days of handwritten orders and clunky, confusing systems. OneHubPOS offers a single-screen Point of Sale (POS) with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface like a breath of fresh air for your FOH staff. Orders are processed seamlessly, reducing errors and ensuring your diners get precisely what they requested. It's like handing your servers a magic wand that empowers them to provide top-notch service effortlessly. Cash management and payments can be done securely and seamlessly – at the customer's choice.  

Integration Capabilities with Various Systems  

OneHubPOS is the bridge that connects the FOH and BOH. It seamlessly integrates with billing systems, kitchen systems, delivery apps, mobile POS (m-POS), accounting software, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. It's the secret sauce that ensures that everyone on your team, from the front door host to the kitchen chef, is working in unison. Orders flow smoothly from the FOH to the BOH, minimizing confusion and errors.  

Centralized Management and Reporting  

Imagine having a crystal ball that shows you exactly how your entire restaurant is performing in real time. With OneHubPOS, you don't need to imagine. You can manage multiple restaurant locations from one centralized hub. It's like having your very own mission control center where you can see everything that's happening in every part of your restaurant, from the dining room where you get to know the number of orders, fast-selling menu items for dine-in or delivery, serving time and so much more; to the kitchen on number of orders processed, time taken to complete an order, menu management, inventory in real-time, you get the idea. Our comprehensive report will be an owner's star helper.  

Real-Time Data Access  

In the restaurant world, seconds can make all the difference. That's why OneHubPOS provides real-time insights into your sales, menu, and employee performance. It's like having a backstage pass to your restaurant's performance so you can make informed decisions on the fly.  

Menu Management  

OneHubPOS simplifies menu management like never before. You can easily update your menu in real-time, add seasonal specials, and remove items out of stock. Your FOH staff will have access to the most up-to-date menu information, ensuring they can provide accurate recommendations and offer available dishes.  

Delivery Management  

With delivery orders on the rise, OneHubPOS has your back. It allows for efficient delivery order processing, real-time order tracking, and coordination between the FOH and BOH to ensure that delivery orders are prepared and dispatched promptly. This means happier customers and a more efficient delivery service.  

Online Store Orders  

OneHubPOS connects seamlessly with your online store, making it easy for customers to place orders for pick-up or delivery. Orders placed online flow directly into your system, eliminating the need for manual entry and reducing the risk of errors. It's a win-win for both your staff and your customers.  

Inventory Management  

For the unsung heroes in your BOH – the chefs and kitchen staff – OneHubPOS is here to streamline inventory management. Say goodbye to the days of manually tracking stock from multiple vendors. With OneHubPOS, you can manage multiple vendors on a single screen, control stock at a central warehouse, and easily track inter-store transfers. It's like having a kitchen inventory wizard by your side.  

CRM and Loyalty Programs  

Your customers are the lifeblood of your restaurant, and OneHubPOS knows that. That's why it helps you manage customer relationships, create irresistible loyalty programs, and track customer data. It's like having a built-in concierge that ensures your diners keep coming back for more.  

We streamline your FOH and BOH operations, ensuring that every team member is playing in perfect harmony. And the result? Well, that's your recipe for a restaurant that's not just good but exceptional.  

What are the ROI Benefits?  

Now, you're probably wondering what kind of tangible returns you can expect when implementing OneHubPOS to unify your FOH and BOH operations. Let's put some numbers on the table. Here are the real ROI benefits that you can count on:  

Increased Sales and Table Turnover: Unifying your FOH and BOH operations with OneHubPOS results in quicker service and fewer errors. This leads to increased sales as happy customers keep coming back, and you can turn tables faster during peak hours.  

Reduced Operating Costs: With better communication, streamlined inventory management, and efficient workflows, you'll find your operating costs decreasing. Say goodbye to wastage and unnecessary overhead.  

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: A seamless dining experience translates to happier customers thanks to unified operations. Happier customers become loyal patrons who return and spread the word about your restaurant.  

Better Inventory Management: Say goodbye to overstocked ingredients and wastage. OneHubPOS helps you keep a tight grip on your inventory, ensuring you order just what you need and use it efficiently.  

Enhanced Staff Productivity: When your FOH and BOH teams work in perfect harmony, they become more productive. Faster service means your staff can handle more customers in less time.  

Cash management & Payment processing: With integrations to cash registers and smart safes, you can now rest knowing theft/fraud is in total control. Here's where your BOH and FOH conjoins in terms of revenue management. Giving secure payment options for diners adds to their experience and will only be appreciated.  

Implementation and Adoption to Deliver Success  

Implementing OneHubPOS is like gearing up for a thrilling culinary adventure, and we're here to guide you through it.  

Ease of Implementation: We understand that change can be intimidating. But our team is here to ensure that the transition is smooth and hassle-free. Whether you're a small eatery or a bustling restaurant, we'll tailor our implementation process to suit your needs. The first week of our partnership, our team will be dedicated to onboarding, setting up, and training your staff.

Encouraging Staff Adoption: We know that the success of any new system depends on how well your staff adapts to it. That's why we provide extensive training and support. We aim to ensure your team feels confident using OneHubPOS from day one. We offer on-site training, comprehensive user manuals, and even a support hotline for those moments when you need a helping hand.  

Smooth Transition: We want you to hit the ground running. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition. We'll help you set up the system, configure it to your restaurant's unique needs, and be there every step of the way.  

In the end, it's not just about a system; it's about a partnership. We're committed to your success, and we'll be there to support you throughout your journey with OneHubPOS. Let's work together to make your restaurant more efficient, profitable, and customer-focused than ever before.  

Unifying your Front of the House (FOH) and Back of the House (BOH) operations is the secret sauce that can transform your restaurant into an efficient, customer-focused, and ultimately more profitable venture. And the key to this transformation? OneHubPOS.  

In a nutshell, here's what we've uncovered:  

Unity Breeds Success: FOH and BOH have distinct roles and challenges, but unifying them with OneHubPOS means smoother communication, enhanced efficiency, better customer service, cost control, and more.  

OneHubPOS, The Restaurant Maestro: We've introduced you to OneHubPOS, a comprehensive management system that offers a unified interface for FOH staff, integration capabilities with various systems, centralized management and reporting, real-time data access, inventory management, menu management, and CRM and loyalty programs.  

ROI Benefits: By embracing OneHubPOS, you can expect increased sales, reduced operating costs, improved customer satisfaction, better inventory management, and enhanced staff productivity.  

Implementation and Adoption: We're not just leaving you with a system but offering a partnership. The implementation process is seamless, and staff adoption is supported through training and ongoing assistance.  

Now, it's your turn to take the leap. In a world where restaurants face constant challenges, OneHubPOS is the beacon of hope, guiding you toward better ROI, enhanced customer satisfaction, and smoother operations. If you're a restaurant owner or manager, it's time to explore this solution and experience the transformation it can bring to your business. With OneHubPOS, your restaurant can become a place to dine and a symphony of culinary excellence and profitability. Let's start your OneHubPOS journey to excellence with a simple demo.

How do I figure out how much to charge for food?

Pricing is a balancing act! You need to cover your costs (including the food cost per portion) while offering a price point that feels valuable to your customers. Consider factors like competition, target audience, and the overall dining experience you create.

What tools are available for tracking food costs?

Food cost calculators are great for initial estimates, but consider restaurant management software for ongoing success. This software tracks inventory, automates cost calculations, and generates reports to identify cost-saving opportunities.

Can I use a food cost calculator for different types of cuisine?

Absolutely! Many online food cost calculators can handle various cuisines. Look for tools that consider ingredient types, portion sizes, and even regional pricing variations.

How often should I calculate food cost percentage?

Consider your food cost percentage your restaurant's financial fitness tracker. It's the total cost of recipe ingredients divided by your total menu sales. Ideally, calculate this regularly, like weekly or bi-weekly, to monitor profitability and adjust pricing or portions as needed.

What is the standard costing model?

The standard costing model is like a recipe for consistent pricing. It uses historical data and market trends to predict ingredient costs, allowing you to budget, purchase, and maintain profit margins even when prices fluctuate.

What is food cost per portion?

Food cost per portion is the actual cost of creating a single serving of a dish. It considers all ingredients, including spices, garnishes, and even waste!  This number helps you understand your profitability and set menu prices effectively.

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