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Explore the 12 Best Trendy Restaurants in Los Angeles

Sahana Ananth
June 25, 2024
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It doesn’t matter if you’re a local from LA or simply visiting; finding the best and trendy restaurants can be exhausting.

Considering the hassle, we bring you the best trendy restaurants in Los Angeles. We're talking about venues that get to you more than just a dining experience but a true adventure.

Dishes that are so flavourful, innovative, and creative, not-to-mention Instagram-worthy cuisines that will bring out the foodie photographer from inside you.

12 Best Trendy Restaurants in Los Angeles

1. Morihiro - Authentic Japanese Restaurant

The first one on the list is an authentic Japanese restaurant 'Morihiro' started by Chef Morihiro Onodera. The restaurant aims to deliver the best of Los Angeles and Japanese ingredients, fish, and hand-milled rice through their multi-course Omasake. If you're fortunate, you might also experience Chef Mori's live cooking at the counter. 

Price per person: $100+

Timings: Wednesday - Sunday (6 pm - 9 pm), Monday., Tuesday closed.

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2. Perch - French-American

This French-inspired rooftop bistro is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Perch serves spectacular and unobstructed views of LA. It offers live music shows on Fridays and Saturdays and serves French small plates and handcrafted cocktails. 

Price per person: $31 to $50

Timings: 4 pm - 2 am, Happy hours: 4pm - 6pm

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3. Bavel - Middle Eastern

Craving for some Middle Eastern cuisines? Bavel is the venue you need to check out! The establishment uses slow cooking techniques and dressing ingredients to bring out the flavor of aromatic spices, pickles, and herbs. They offer Chef's hand-picked cured Middle Eastern meats, cold and hot small plates with various flatbreads and spreads. 

Price per person: $50–100

Timings: Monday - Sunday (5pm - 11pm)

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4. Birdie G’s Santa Monica - American

Next, Birdie G is all about regional American food and passed-on family recipes paired with supper club. This should be your pick if you want fine food and a fun place to hang out. 

Price per person: $50–100

Timings: Sunday - Thursday (5pm - 9pm), Friday - Saturday (5pm - 9.30pm)

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5. Cabra - Peruvian Cuisine

Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard's Cabra attracts many to the Hoxton Hotel's rooftop. Cabra serves a menu inspired by Peruvian and Californian flavors. Highlights include empanadas, hot chorizo and queso dip, bass ceviche, and crispy pork shank with Sungold tomato salad. Don't miss their excellent pisco sour.

Price per person: $31 to $50

Timings: Dinner - Sunday - Thursday (5pm - 10pm), Friday - Saturday (5pm - 11pm)

Brunch - Saturday - Sunday (10:30am - 3pm)

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6. Found Oyster  

If seafood is your go-to choice, we have found the perfect restaurant in Los Angeles. Found Oyster is highly Inspired by a blue-collar oyster bar in New England. If you plan to visit, check out their – lobster rolls, champagne, Coors, chowder, or oysters. They don’t take reservations, but you can enjoy wine while waiting!

Price per person: Smaller plates $5-$16, larger plates $25-$28

Timings: Monday - Friday (4pm -10 pm), Saturday - Sunday (12pm - 10pm)

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7. Holbox - Mexican Latin Seafood

You loved Found Oyster, but Mexican seafood’s more of your thing? Then Holbox is a place you need to check out! This place features cuisines from Mexico’s coastal regions. They use local ingredients (southern California and Baja California ingredients) to bring out vibrant flavors and serve with appealing presentations.

Holbox is also featured in the Los Angeles Times 2023 “Restaurant of the Year.” 

Price per person: $20 - $30

Timings: Tuesday - Saturday (11.30 am - 9 pm) 

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8. Holy Basil - Thai Cuisines

With a variety of curries, soups, rice, noodles, and other Thai cuisines offered by the restaurant, Holy Basil’s ‘Pad See Ew Noodle’ is one of the most like dishes offered by the restaurant, followed by ‘Gra Pow ‘Pad kee Mao Noddle.’ 

Price per person: $10 - $20

Timings: Monday - Friday (11 am - 3 pm, 5 pm - 8.30 pm)

Saturday - Sunday (12 - 3.30 pm, 5 pm - 8.30 pm)

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9. Ipoh Kopitiam Alhambra - Malaysian 

An authentic Ipo-style Malaysian restaurant that uses traditional family recipes passed down through multiple generations and imported ingredients from Malaysia to serve authentic Malaysian cuisines right here in LA. If you want to experience the authentic flavor of Malaysia, this restaurant should be on your “must-visit” list.  

Price per person: $10 - $20

Timings: Thursday - Tuesday (9 am - 8:45 pm), Wednesday closed

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10. Lasita - Filipino rotisserie

Lasita is a lively Filipino rotisserie & natural wine bar that delivers —fun, food, and wine! In addition to their famous Chicken Inasal and Lechon, you can enjoy a whole bunch of cuisine there! We suggest you reserve your table in advance, as they usually allow limited walk-ins!

Price per person: $302 - $50

Timings: Monday - Saturday (5.30 pm - 10 pm), Sunday closed

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11. Moo’s Craft Barbecue - BBQ Meats & Hearty Burgers

How can this list be complete without Los Angeles's famous barbecue place? Moo's Craft Barbecue is a family-owned restaurant specializing in BBQ meats & hearty burgers, along with craft beers on tap. 

Price per person: $20 - $30

Timings: Thursday - Sunday (12 - 7 pm), Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday closed.

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12. Pasjoli Santa Monica - French Bistro

Next, we have a French bistro owned by an award-winning chef, Dave Beran. Their authentic french dishes, such as ‘foie de poulet’ ‘caviar’ and  ‘pâté en croûte’ are must-try. Feel free to enjoy Pasjoli's fine dining experience after 5:15 any evening. And hey, don't forget to reserve your table in advance!

Price per person: $100+

Timings: Sunday - Thursday (5.15 pm - 9.30 pm), Friday - Saturday (5.15 pm - 10.30 pm)

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Wrapping Up

So, there you go, fellow foodie! These are the best trendy restaurants in Los Angeles, venues that must be experienced if you are visiting LA or a local who hasn't been to any of these places yet. Grab your napkins and let us know how your experience was!

How do I figure out how much to charge for food?

Pricing is a balancing act! You need to cover your costs (including the food cost per portion) while offering a price point that feels valuable to your customers. Consider factors like competition, target audience, and the overall dining experience you create.

What tools are available for tracking food costs?

Food cost calculators are great for initial estimates, but consider restaurant management software for ongoing success. This software tracks inventory, automates cost calculations, and generates reports to identify cost-saving opportunities.

Can I use a food cost calculator for different types of cuisine?

Absolutely! Many online food cost calculators can handle various cuisines. Look for tools that consider ingredient types, portion sizes, and even regional pricing variations.

How often should I calculate food cost percentage?

Consider your food cost percentage your restaurant's financial fitness tracker. It's the total cost of recipe ingredients divided by your total menu sales. Ideally, calculate this regularly, like weekly or bi-weekly, to monitor profitability and adjust pricing or portions as needed.

What is the standard costing model?

The standard costing model is like a recipe for consistent pricing. It uses historical data and market trends to predict ingredient costs, allowing you to budget, purchase, and maintain profit margins even when prices fluctuate.

What is food cost per portion?

Food cost per portion is the actual cost of creating a single serving of a dish. It considers all ingredients, including spices, garnishes, and even waste!  This number helps you understand your profitability and set menu prices effectively.

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