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Dining Delights: 10 Best Restaurants in San Francisco You Can't Miss

Diksha Adhikari
July 2, 2024
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San Francisco - the very name pulls up the image of the Golden Gate Bridge kissed by fog. And, of course, the cable cars clinging to impossibly steep hills! Oh, and let’s not forget the sourdough bread. While sourdough is legendary, San Francisco’s culinary scene is as vibrant as the iconic neighborhoods!

You can easily call the city a big pot of flavors brewed by the best Michelin-star chefs in the city, serving up the next food trend! From steaming bowls of Dungeness Crab cioppino to delicate dim sum dumplings, San Francisco’s restaurants are no less than a culinary adventure!

This article will walk you through all the favorites and the top 10 best restaurants in San Francisco that you must visit at least once. 

Top 10 Best Restaurants In San Francisco

1. Mister Jiu’s

Chinese American

Directions: 28 Waverly Place, San Francisco

Contact: 415-857-9688

A contemporary Chinese-American restaurant in the heart of  San Francisco’s Chinatown, Mister Jiu’s is one of the top restaurants on this list! This place occupies a historic building with restaurants like Four Seas and Hang Far Low.

Their menu offers a unique twist to traditional Chinese cuisine, blending seasonal Californian ingredients. What’s best is that courtesy of James Beard Award-winning chef Brandon Jew, you can experience a new prix-fixe menu format! You also get an option to add on banquet-style plates like some of San Francisco’s best roast duck served with peanut butter hoisin, along with cider, beer, and cocktails.

2. Aziza

Morroccon, New American

Direction: 5800 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco

Contact: 415-682-4196

Aziza is one of the best fine-dining restaurants in San Francisco. It is owned by Michelin star chef Mourad Lahlou and offers the most profound Moroccon comforts in the town. Their specialty is classic Moroccan dishes dressed in seasonal garb like the hand-rolled couscous with a wreath of green garlic, sunflower seeds, and squidgy hen-of-the-woods mushrooms. 

They also offer comforting dishes like chicken confit basteeya and braised lamb shank. However, Chef Mourad Lahlou’s cooking never shies away from evolving.

3. La Taqueria


Directions: 2889 Mission Street, San Francisco;

Contact: 415-285-7117

Located at the center of the vibrant Mission District, this Mexican restaurant takes pride in using fresh ingredients for all its dishes. The best part? Their open kitchen allows you to witness the food preparation first-hand! 

So, if and when you visit La Taqueria, don’t forget to try Famed Carne Asada Super Burrito! It’s their signature dish, a pure Mexican delight packed with fresh and flavorful carne asada (grilled steak) and all the fixings. What makes this place stand out is its dedicated menu for Kids. Name anything Mexican; they’ve got it, which explains impressive reviews and the consistently praised food.

4. Cotogna


Directions: 490 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco 

Contact: 415-775-8508

Want to be a part of a rustic Italian cuisine celebration? Then Cotogna is the place for you. Located in the historic Jackson Square neighborhood, this place has the most comfortably stylish atmosphere. Their menu features seasonal dishes, with the offerings changing daily. The most appreciated thing about Cotogna is its creative and unique cocktails and wines, which you can pair with your food. 

5. Atelier Crenn

Contemporary French

Directions: 3127 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123, US

Contact: 415-440-0460

A James Beard Award winner (2018), Dominique Crenn’s restaurant was awarded a coveted third Michelin star. This restaurant doesn't offer your typical a la carte menu. They allow multi-course tasting menus created carefully by Chef Crenn herself. What’s striking is that, besides the rooted French techniques, the menu often showcases the chef’s love for the sea. Therefore, seafood combined with traditional French food sure calls for a top-tier rating and love from the locals! 

6. Beit Rima 

Arabic, Palestinian-Jordanian

Directions: 138 Church Street, San Francisco

Contact: 415-703-0270

Love eating out with friends and family in a pleasant outdoor setting? If yes, Beit Rima (Rima’s House) is your best restaurant. The lively and fresh setting with a flower-lined patio always gives it away. Besides, if you’re a sucker for cozy and warm atmospheres, their indoor setting with a mezze platter and a chilled beer in your hand will definitely woo you. 

7. Liholiho Yacht Club


Directions: 871 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA


LihoLiho is back in the game with a refined feel at the Lower Nob Hill Location after a 3-year temporary residence at Mission District. The revamped space radiates a freewheeling vibe, and the menu is better than ever! The locals are very appreciative of the ‘heritage-driven’ cooking style of chef Ravi Kapur. It brings out the rich blend of Hawaiian-Chinese and Indian flavors and culture.

8. Benu


Directions: 22 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco

Contact: 415-685-4860

Benu is known for being the most ultra-expensive fine dining place on this list in San Francisco. Launched in 2010, this restaurant has bagged 3 Michelin stars, making it a sight of attraction on the Golden Coast. As for the food, Chef Coree Lee always does an excellent job at serving you with the finest fusion of Asian and Californian tastes.

9. Abaca


Directions: 2700 Jones Street, San Francisco

Contact: 415-486-0788

Enjoy delicious Filipino cuisine while sunbathing at this aesthetically beautiful restaurant on the ground floor of a Fisherman’s Wharf hotel. The collection of sunflowers and woven baskets from the Southeast Asian archipelago will keep you hooked to the place. Besides their signature Filipino dishes, you may also enjoy the weekend brunch options where you can savor the mouth-watering pastry by both Ang and James Beard Award-nominated pastry chef Vince Bugtong. 

10. San Ho Won


Directions: 2170 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Contact: 415-868-4479

This upscale Korean restaurant is a go-to for the locals when it comes to Korean BBQ! The variety of authentic charcoal-grilled Korean food at San Ho Won makes it one of the best Korean bites in San Francisco. Now, it may not be a communal cooking experience, but that only means that you relax and enjoy food, leaving the grill to the restaurant cooks.


Now that you know the top 10 restaurants in San Francisco, we’re sure you’ll agree that the city's culinary scene is quite versatile and mouth-watering. From fine Asian food to appetizing cuisine from the Middle East, the city’s got it all.    Visit your favorite restaurant from the list, or maybe just explore them all!

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Pricing is a balancing act! You need to cover your costs (including the food cost per portion) while offering a price point that feels valuable to your customers. Consider factors like competition, target audience, and the overall dining experience you create.

What tools are available for tracking food costs?

Food cost calculators are great for initial estimates, but consider restaurant management software for ongoing success. This software tracks inventory, automates cost calculations, and generates reports to identify cost-saving opportunities.

Can I use a food cost calculator for different types of cuisine?

Absolutely! Many online food cost calculators can handle various cuisines. Look for tools that consider ingredient types, portion sizes, and even regional pricing variations.

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What is food cost per portion?

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