Take your restaurant operations to the next level with OneHub Restaurant

OneHub is a revolutionary all-in-one restaurant solution that allows you to manage your restaurant business from anywhere.

A Full Suite of Solutions that make running your Restaurant Easier

POS System


Online Ordering


Branded Consumer app

Restaurant POS System

OneHub's restaurant POS system is designed to help simplify and streamline restaurant operations. Our POS system offers an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to manage your restaurant from anywhere. You can easily track sales and inventory, manage employees, and access real-time analytics, all from our intuitive dashboard.

Ease of use and operation - no hassle required
Operates in offline mode as well - perfect for businesses without an online presence
Accepts orders from multiple sales channels, making it the most versatile POS system out there
Gives discounts and offers coupon codes to increase business transactions
Rewards customers with loyalty points that can be redeemed for gift cards or other benefits


Our OneHub Kiosk is the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations. With our all-in-one kiosk, you can quickly and easily provide a secure, intuitive, and user-friendly experience to your customers. Our kiosk features an easy-to-use touchscreen, integrated card reader, and secure payment processing capabilities, making it the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

Self-Ordering | Payment | Self-Checkout process is a great way to manage today’s fast food business
Simple ordering flow, highly interactive UI/UX helps a customer to place the order of their choice by themselves when counters have long ques and long waiting time
Installed within the premises of the fast food restaurant, this service enables the merchant to manage high foot fall in their store
Integrated with payment gateway enables the dependency of counter transaction saves a lot of time
The system is integrated with a printer to get the receipt and also have an option to place order on kiosk and pay at counter if transaction is cash
Integrated with store POS & KDS system this service is the future of QSR business that helps to lower your operational cost and low man power to manage

    Online Ordering via E-Shop

    OneHUB E-Shop is an advanced web app platform that enables you to take orders online. Whether you're looking to offer delivery or pickup, OneHUB E-Shop has you covered. You can easily set up delivery orders, manage pickup orders and even schedule specific times to deliver or pickup orders.

    Delivery Orders
    Pickup Orders
    Order Scheduling (Specific time to deliver or pickup)
    Future ordering (Ordering for a special day or event and planning in advance)


    OneHub KDS enables seamless communication between the kitchen and front of house staff. Our KDS makes it easy to manage orders, so they can be sent to the kitchen quickly and efficiently. This ensures that orders are delivered to customers quickly and accurately.

    Eliminates the need for handheld scanners, which means no more missed or incorrect orders
    Operates with multiple KDS devices, so that no order is ever left behind
    Shows orders dedicated to each station, making it easier for your staff to find and print them quickly

    Branded Consumer App

    Transform Your Restaurant Experience with Our Branded Consumer App

    Our branded consumer app makes it easy to access the restaurant brands you know and love. Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, you can quickly search for your favorite restaurant brands, view their menus, and easily order food from the app. With our app, you can bring the restaurant experience to you.

    Customizable Menus
    Enhanced Loyality Program
    One click payments

    OneHub Intelligence

    The Brain of OneHubPos our Cloud management system. Entire store setup is done in the cloud. All applications perform function instructed by our intelligence system and provides analytical reports and dashboard to analyze the overall business.

    • Centralized business dashboard and reports to analyze and make strategical decision
    • Provides hierarchical access to the business to maintain the transparency in business function
    • Store Owners, business owners and managers have been granted access as per the level helping the business to run smooth and
      hassle free